Before any other event, the Serenissima Gravel brought competitive gravel racing to Europe. Dust, dirt tracks and thicker tubulars are now the talk of the town, but the ancestor of all of it is this race. As of this year, it is also open to MASTER, who will be able to compete on the roads of the pros.

Start and finish in Cittadella, with a circuit of 37 km to be repeated four times, for a total of 148 km, 96 of which are off-road. Noteworthy is the off-road section along the river Brenta, which runs for almost 15 km and also passes through the Parco dell’Amicizia and the Parco delle Basse del Brenta.

Don’t miss the opportunity to test yourself and have fun on the Serenissima Gravel, a unique spectacle from a technical point of view, but also in terms of scenery!



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